From Books to Dance Floor Hooks!

You’ve got a paper due tomorrow and you spent a lot of money on groceries and school supplies. But even if you’re strapped for cash and have an assignment due Monday, that’s not gonna stop you from having a good time this weekend.‘Cause hey, if it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would get done, right?

Fantastic Scholastic

Yes, during the week you like to push the limits in the classroom but after school is over, you and your friends can push the tempo on the floor. And sleep? Pssh! Sleeping is overrated, you’re young with plenty of energy to last all weekend and anyone who watches your Insta or TikTok stories can see that for themselves. You and your friends know how to balance fun with getting an education and nothing is gonna stand in your way. And that's the vibe we want you to bring when you visit Our House, a new immersive, 4D experience.

Learn how to beat match in the Mix and Match room. Compose your own beat in the Visual Composer room or play with the world’s largest sequencer. And with student rates, Our House is an interactive experience you and your friends can afford.