Fun Things to Do in Amsterdam - Top Your Itinerary with Our House!

Come visit Our House, the world's first electronic dance music museum.

Whether you're with friends, a couple, or exploring solo, our immersive exhibits and vibrant ambience welcome you. Connect with like-minded music enthusiasts on the dancefloor, surrounded by the rich history of electronic music. Enhance your Amsterdam trip with visits to the Red Light District and coffee shops, and top it off with our fully stocked bar featuring cocktails and beer specials. Unforgettable fun awaits!

Museum Highlights

Enjoy a festival trip with our 4D shows presented through a 270-degree immersive experience using state-of-the-art special effects and top-notch performances.

Come produce and play music with our collection of instruments like Roland’s TR-808 and 303, our visual composers, and interactive turntables.

The Sequencer 
The world’s largest analogue sequencer was built by the Red Bull Music Academy and is now home in Our House.

Our House has several interactive exhibits curated by artists like Kevin Saunderson, Daft Punk, Avicii, Armin van Buuren, Carl Cox, Diplo, and Charlotte de Witte. 

Our House has unique exhibits of flyers, artist memorabilia, photographs, fashion, books, and vinyl that spans over 50 years. Check out the '40 years of Dance Music Highlights' exhibit or see those famous helmets with your own eyes.

"Our culture has finally found it's home" - Carl Cox