The world's first electronic dance music museum: Our House

Come and explore the evolution of dance music at the world's first electronic dance music experience. Music. Culture. Tech.

Our House takes you on a 75-minute digital storytelling journey of the music genre through an array of interactive exhibits, shows and performances, telling the story of how it evolved from a rebellious underground community into a global cultural phenomenon.

Open from Wednesday through Sunday at the Rembrandt District in Amsterdam.


From the most fundamental clubs and festivals to the most impactful tracks and remixes, enjoy a trip down memory lane with our shows and performances. Showcased through a 270 degrees immersive experience using state of the art special effects from the event industry and top-notch performances by our entertainers, get ready to step it up a notch!


Explore the roots of electronic dance music and learn about its journey through several (interactive) exhibits curated by some of its creators: DJs and event organisers such as Daft Punk, Avicii, Armin van Buuren, Carl Cox, Charlotte de Witte, Diplo, Kevin Saunderson, Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, The Frankie Knuckles Foundation and ID&T, to name but a few. You’re sure to walk away with a deeper appreciation of the scene you are a part of.


Get ready to playfully co-create new sounds by yourself, with friends, or other guests on iconic drum machines such as Roland’s TR-808, the TB-303, visual composers and turntables - and experience a unique performance on the world's largest analogue sequencer.

Our Shop

Commemorate your interactive experience at Our House by visiting Our Shop, Europe’s largest concept store dedicated to our culture. From books, exclusive vinyl, posters, clothing, and trinkets, there’s something here for everyone to bring a piece of dance music home with them.