My Name is on the List

You know all there is to know about dance music: the history, the innovators, and the tastemakers. You’re no stranger to the guest list since you're deeply involved in your local dance scene. You know which DJs are in town before the weekend arrives and chances are you've probably already read their RA bio or just bookmarked their recent interview in Mixmag.

Dance Music is your life and everyone knows that about you. You’re the first person to volunteer to DJ at the after-party and when someone asks for a track ID, you don’t even need to check the CDJ - you already know it. You know your way around the DJ booth and you likely have experience helping the crew backstage.

I’m with the DJ

You’re the brain, the dance music encyclopedia; your friends can rely on you to fill them in on all the latest releases, the new up-and-coming artists, and the trends happening in dance music production. You even know when your bestie’s favorite DJ is in town and you’ll be right next to them on the dance floor when that day comes.

You thrive on dance music culture - the genres, the legends, the sights, the history, you’re devoted to the culture. Now there’s finally a museum that highlights the music and history you know and love. That's why you'll be at home in Our House.