20 years A State of Trance by Armin van Buuren

Our House in Amsterdam will honour Armin van Buuren’s legendary label A State of Trance with an exclusive experience until April 10th 2023.

Armin van Buuren's take-over of Our House took place in March 2023.

The experience dives deep into Armin van Buuren’s personal archives. The result is an immersive experience, displaying a variety of vintage A State of Trance footage, memorabilia, interactive installations and floor-to-ceiling audiovisual shows.

From 2023 all the way back to the early ‘00s, 20 Years of A State of Trance by Armin van Buuren tells the story of the brand's evolution from a radio show to one of the most iconic brands in dance music. 

"It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that we’ve been building the A State of Trance brand for over two decades already. With the experience at Our House Museum, we want to give people the opportunity to relive the highlights of the past two decades." - Armin van Buuren

A State of Trance

A State of Trance started as Armin van Buuren's weekly radio show. Broadcast weekly to over 41 million listeners in 84 different countries from the bespoke radio studio in Amsterdam, Armin van Buuren's A State Of Trance radio show is the epicentre of trance music.

Since the 500th radio episode of a state of trance, the show celebrated its annual anniversary with more than 100 events on 5 continents. With almost 2 million visitors, A State of Trance has become the leading trance event in the world. The annual event (March 3 & 4) in the Netherlands, organized by event organizer ALDA, brings together people from 95 countries and is the largest trance event in the world.

20 Years A State of Trance
by Armin van Buuren
February 25 - April 10 2023
Our House Museum