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The RoXY Archive is an ode to the euphoria of the early years of house music, to the wild and edgy Amsterdam of the late eighties, to this example of inclusivity and diversity, to icons like Zubrowka, Harrie Wildeman, and Jet Brandsteder. To a club like there had never been before and will never be again." Photos by Cleo Campert


Explore the vibrant history of 90's Dutch House and Hardcore scene with 'Multigroove' by Arne van Terphoven. A deep dive into the legendary club culture and its profound influence on the music scene.


Explore the raw energy of the '90s Dutch gabber scene with 'Wat de fok ouwe?' by Arne van Terphoven. This book delves into the music, fashion, and lifestyle of the GABBER era.


During his 40-year DJ career, Ferry Salee (1965) aka Gizmo had it all: hits, fame, women, status, and loads of money. Now, as a mechanic, he tries to stay afloat after a series of wrong decisions, debts, and drug problems. 'GIZMO - A Hague Gabber Tale' portrays the wild and adventurous young years of Ferry Salee.

The youngest of a large Indonesian family, he proves to be a great musical talent. Riding the waves of the gabber hype, he becomes part of the Dreamteam and grows into one of the world's most popular DJs. This captivating book sheds new light on the renowned history of Dutch dance.