Immersive Experience Amsterdam

Stepping into Our House isn't just a visit, it's a full-body immersion into the heart of Electronic Music

Here, every fibre of your being connects with the pulsating beats, dazzling visuals, and electrifying atmosphere. Surrender to the sound. Immerse yourself in the story of House Music.

The audiovisual journey begins

Your journey through Our House begins with a sensory explosion. As you enter the first space, a mesmerising audiovisual show washes over you. Dazzling lasers paint the room in vibrant hues, while a dynamic moving floor vibrates beneath your feet. Feel the rhythm course through you as the very first preacher of House, Mr. Chuck Roberts, delivers a powerful message that will remind you of the core values of House culture.

RELIVE and rediscover your love for House music

Next, you'll step into "RELIVE," an interactive audiovisual experience unlike any other. This isn't a passive journey; you're in control. Explore the history of House music, delve into the life of a legendary artist, or lose yourself in the musical tapestry of a specific country. Touchscreens and interactive displays allow you to curate your own personal House music odyssey.

The Culture Ride: Goosebumps guaranteed

Hold onto your hats, because "The Culture Ride" is about to take you on a euphoric journey. This immersive dance floor experience is a celebration of everything House music: the iconic clubs, the legendary festivals, the genre-defining tracks, and the groundbreaking remixes that have changed the world. Feel the energy surge through you as CO2 cannons erupt, lasers slice through the air, and show effects create a truly unforgettable spectacle.

A journey through time: Celebrate electronic music's legacy

Our final audiovisual show pays homage to the pioneers, artists, and cultural moments that have shaped House music into the global phenomenon it is today. Relive iconic moments, feel the nostalgia wash over you, and rediscover your love for this vibrant genre.

More than just an experience

Our House isn't just about the sights and sounds; it's about the transformative power of music. By the end of your journey, you might find yourself wanting to unleash your inner DJ, reconnect with your love for House music, or simply revel in the shared experience with fellow music enthusiasts.

Enjoy a drink at the bar

After your immersive journey, unwind and mingle at our bar. Enjoy refreshing drinks, delicious snacks, and share your House music experiences with fellow enthusiasts.

Our House Culture Shop

Visit our well-stocked Our House culture shop, where you can find a curated selection of House music memorabilia, clothing, and accessories. Take a piece of Our House home with you!