Red Bull Giant Sequencer

The World's Largest Sequencer

For the 20th edition of the Red Bull Music Academy in 2018, Red Bull built the world’s largest analogue sequencer and placed it in front of the legendary Berlin nightclub Tresor. Called the RMBA-20, the sequencer, which was developed over a period of five weeks by a team of about thirty technicians, has now found its home in Our House. Learn and play on this largest sequencer of the world!

427 buttons and sliders with 4 analog drum computers

Built by Red Bull and Neulant van Exel back in 2018, you can find the world’s largest analogue sequencer during your visit to Our House. Our Hosts will give you the scoop on how to use “The Red Bull Sequencer” so can jam out alone or with friends.

You can jam on it yourself, as Armin van Buuren, Reinier Zonneveld, Kerri Chandler, DJ Pierre, Colin Benders, Egyptian Lover, and Legowelt already did.

DJ Pierre Jamming on the Sequencer