ADAM Lookout combi

Combine A'DAM Lookout & Our House Experience

A’DAM LOOKOUT gives you an unrivalled 360-degree view of Amsterdam and the surrounding area at 100 metres high. From the top floor of the A’DAM Tower, you can spot the historical city centre, the famous canals and characteristic Dutch polder landscape.

Special deal: ADAM Lookout & Our House for just €32,50

ADAM lookout combi tickets

A’DAM LOOKOUT is not your usual observation deck. Besides the unparalleled 360-degree view of Amsterdam and the surrounding cities, there is much more to experience on top of this iconic building. Feel the adrenaline rush on Europe’s highest swing Over The Edge, experience the Amsterdam VR Rollercoaster Ride.

A free audio tour in which A’DAM tells you all about your view of Amsterdam is included in all entrance tickets and even the elevator promises to be a spectacular ride…